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Life Insurance

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Term life insurance is a life insurance for a specified time period.

Just like with auto or home insurance coverage, once the term life insurance policy expires, the insurance coverage ends so it's important to keep it active!

Pro tip: When you get your policy, immediately put a reminder in your phone calendar to call your agent thirty days before it expires!



Term life insurance is generally a good choice for folks who are:

- In need of coverage for a limited period of time

- Young

- Looking for lower premiums

Some term insurance policies give you the right to renew at the same rate for multiple years, while others do not.



Ask the specialist connects you with for details!

Get a FREE Life Insurance Quote today!



With a Term policy, you buy a specific amount of coverage for a specific time period by signing a contract. You pay for that coverage period and at the end of the term the policy expires.

For example, the term might be until retirement, or until children are grown, or until college is paid for.


Did you know: Term life insurance is the least expensive available insurance policy and allows you to spend a lot less and use the extra money for other investments, that can also go up in value, like for example a second home.

Term life insurance does not build up cash value and, it should come as no surprise, the premium normally increases as the policy owner gets older.


Usually, term life insurance covers a specific term (or time period) such as term of 1 year, or even 30 years plus.

Should you pass away while the policy is active, term life insurance provides the agreed payment to your heirs. Your survivors will be paid the agreed upon amount.


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